About PHD Volleyball


PHD Volleyball's SINGULAR goal is to teach the game of volleyball at the highest level. Regardless of initial skill level, we are dedicated to teaching all PHD Volleyball participants how to perform ALL skills at a high level in game situations. We strongly believe all players should learn and strive to perfect fundamental techniques. We place huge value in teaching players how to read the game and believe a strong mental grasp of winning concepts will lead to success on the court. Lastly, we value the skill of being a good competitor. This means we believe in teaching all players, regardless of age, ability, or gender, to be both fierce in their competitive spirit but also supportive and complementary teammates. We believe this a teachable skill and will work to create competitors out of all PHD Volleyball graduates. 


We have honed our coaching methods through years of experience coaching volleyball at all levels. All PHD coaches have experience seriously training players from as early as elementary school to high level adult players. Our teaching strategies are derived from a deep commitment to proven motor-learning principles, and they are the same methods used by many top Division I, II, and III collegiate programs as well as the U.S. Men's and Women's National Teams. Additionally, all of our offerings will expose PHD participants to a supportive but competitive environment in which players will be encouraged to take risks! For players to be successful in competition (anything from a freshman team tryout to a State Final Varsity match!), they must be comfortable performing skills in a competitive environment. Our methods will be geared towards preparing all PHD graduates to thrive during competition.